Sustainability at Our Lady of Hope

sustain_1.webpAt Our Lady of Hope, we strive to educate children on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  This involves respecting and nurturing ourselves, others and the environment - all part of God's creation.

The school has developed a vegetable garden, which the children have been actively involved in creating and maintaining. The children have the opportunity to have active hands-on involvement through all stages of growth, from planting seeds to harvesting and then preparing and sharing food.

The school garden is open a couple of lunch times a week for any children who wish to spend some time tending to the garden or just relaxing in a quiet garden setting. Classes also have the opportunity to work in the garden, as well as participating in the cooking of the vegetables.

sustain_2.webpIn addition to the school garden, we also have a school recycling program and make a conscious effort to reduce waste by recycling and composting. As a school, we also recognise World Environment Day and engage children in whole school activities to promote this event.

Children have the opportunity to be part of the Hope Grows sustainability group who meet on a regular basis to promote sustainable living practices across the school. Children who are part of this program have opportunities to attend school expos, environmental excursions and assist with maintenance of the school garden.